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We don't see enough Q30 in other colors

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As the title said, we're mostly seeing the Q30 in liquid copper but the other colors needs a bit of the the spotlight too. So here's a few pictures of the other colors in case anyone was curious. The Q30 is one of the few cars I don't mind getting with the ever so common black or white paint.

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The first picture actually looks really nice. The wheels go really well too
Those are the 19" alloy wheels but it's just not work the $1,000+ price tag. I think the red and white paints look better because they make the fender trims stand out more, usually the trim looks ugly but Infiniti made it work here.
Definitely are not nice enough to justify over $1k. Could buy a way nicer set for that money.
The stock wheels look fine and you can easily change the color to match the 19" set with some plasti dip.
If this Graphite shadow? It looks like it but the paint is matte and not glossy.

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I had the chance to buy it in black but I prefered Silver Gray in the end.
Black doesn't do the car justice I think. The whole bodywork flow is really diminished. Especially considering the lateral skirts which are black no matter what color you choose.
It just gets too heavy for my likings.
That blue is very nice; Red on the other hand....mmm... not very much :D
If this Graphite shadow? It looks like it but the paint is matte and not glossy.

Wow, this one is actually pretty solid, I like it matte! Is it a custom paint or you can order it in dealership?
What Infiniti really needs to do is expand on what IPL can do and what it means to the brand. They can use IPL to sell some high end color options. I'd love to see that happen for the Q30.
Any one see people modifying the Q30 with Bodykits? Been trying to find nice designs, but seems like there are none on the market. :(
As Infiniti are now out of europe I would recommend looking at America, Australia or middle east. I use Ali_Express (China) and picked up some clear headlight protectors and mud flaps for about a quarter of what a dealer would want. You can find generic parts to fit like wings, splitters and body trim from elsewhere.
Talking of colours, the silver grey is my favourite. I ended up with a blue one - ink blue metallic, my second choice so I am still happy.
This is my new baby, I am totally in love. My old one is in the background waiting to go back to the lease company. I absolutely had to have another one OBVIOUSLY.
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