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Water Pump 2.2 AWD issue

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Hi Everyone,
My name is Andreea, a happy owner of an Infiniti Q30 2017 2.2 AWD from Romania.
Sadly, I have an issue and I hope that maybe you can help me somehow...

A week ago, I noticed on the dashboard that the Coolant level was low and that I needed to top up.
I saw on this forum (stalking mode haha) that the error might be due to cold weather outside, so I just started the engine, hoping it will dissapear. Which it did and never encountered again the error.

Now, today, I made the oil and filters change and the mechanics told me that the car is losing some coolant from the Water Pump - more specifically from the water pump shaft.
So they also advised that it has to be completely replaced, as the lid cannot be purchased individually.

I was curious is someone else has encountered the same issue or if anyone knows ianything about the water pump: maybe if the cover can be purchased separately or maybe a code of the pump... how have you treated the situation (if ever encountered)?

Thanks a lot! :)
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I'm not sure about the diesel model as that uses a Renault engine, but leaking engine coolant common issue on the petrol models. Particularly the part located behind the turbo. I also had to have that whole section replaced.
I own a 2016 2.2d, the engine is from Mercedes. At the shop where I get it fixed I was told to search for Mercedes Benz GLA X156 parts, they are the same. Based on that, I would try a Mercedes water pump if it fits, as Infiniti parts are rare and pretty expensive.
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