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Infiniti's Q30 will be on sale in showrooms in 2016 and the brand hopes that this new model will attract younger buyers who are new to the luxury market. When the Q30 comes onto the market it will be the smallest car in Infiniti's lineup. It will also be the cheapest, and all that is meant to on-board customers into the Infiniti brand.

Last year, Infiniti Americas chief Michael Bartsch explained the thought behind the Q30 by saying that younger, new-to-the-segment luxury buyers want products that are outside the established model classifications offered in luxury showrooms. The Q30 does indeed buck established model classifications. Designers made the vehicle to be an amalgamation of a small, sporty coupe, high riding crossover and a cargo friendly hatchback.

The Q30's engineering has basically been outsourced to Mercedes-Benz. Former Infiniti president Johan de Nysschen admitted that "Infiniti [needed] a new model in Europe fast." Outsourcing engineering essentially cut the development time in half.

Are you looking for a car that doesn't really fit into any segment? Do you fit the profile that Infiniti is targeting with the Q30?
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