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The Future of Infiniti...

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Summed up in an interview with Nissan design boss Shiro Nakamura with Autonews Europe:

Creating our own image by going into the normal sedan area would be more difficult. It is a very competitive market. The strength of the Q30 is that it doesn't look like anything else. A class is A class, CLA is CLA, but Q30 is Q30. If you can buy similar things, people go to existing brands, that's why we want to create products that don't look like anything else. This is our strategy.
Interesting indeed, I just hope they stay on the fair side of campy, its very easy to stumble into absurdity when your number one goal is simply being different. It happens with people all the time, people striving to be deemed different often come off as absurd when pushing that boundary too far...
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at least Infiniti is keeping their cars unique, mercedes should do this but at this stage it's a bit too late
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