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Hi there

We bought a 2016 Q30 from our local dealership in August.

When we picked the car up the SD card was missing but they went and 'found one' and replaced it.

All good until driving and finding that the SD card appears to be around 6 years out of date! It doesn't recognised the stretch of the A1 along Wetherby Services (which is around 6 years old) and is unreliable to the extent that I'm now using my google maps on my phone instead

Dealership not being very helpful on the phone which I'm a bit miffed about as we paid full whack on their list price along with their finance, service plan etc.

So, two questions - do you think we should have got an SD card the same age as the car (should I kick up more fuss)? And how much does it cost to update the SD card - I can't find our model on the websites I've looked at so far ...

Other than that - absolutely love this car - its amazing :eek:)

Any suggestions, comments appreciated ....
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