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A dash cam is one of those add-ons that is worth your money. A decent dash cam is capable of producing high-quality video footage to help prove what happened in the case of a crash or protect you from false claims. Thinkware dash cameras are your car's best security solution.

They feature advanced driver assistance software so you can drive safer while recording your daily commutes. Full HD LCD touchscreen allows you to be visually notified of road safety, safety alerts, adjust settings, and play back videos on the spot. If driving for you is a way of life, having a Thinkware dash cam installed on your dashboard is a must!

This September, you have a great chance to save up to 40% on select Thinkware dash cams. Hurry up! This offer is valid until September 27, 2020. Prices are already reduced.

Thinkware® - X Series X700 FHD LCD Dash Camera

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