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Replace normal sound system with Bose system

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Is it something you guys think can be done?
I think so. I was checking the door panels and everything and it seems doable.
How much it will cost, on the other hand, I don't really know :D
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The cost is going to be the question. As you can imagine, there are tons of other audio components that you can buy that are potentially better and will probably cost you less. For example, look at Cerwin Vega speakers, they're amazing and extremely fairly priced.
Yeah, i'm sure there are a lot of possibilities to make the system sound even better but, you know, it's often a matter of keeping the car in its original look rather than fitting aftermarket things no matter how good they are.
But probably in the case of sound systems maybe this matter is less important.
Never heard of Cerwin Vega but it seems they do nice products.
Anyways, i'll check the scheme of the sound system and see what pieces are needed and find equivalent speakers :)
Should be as easy as unplug the originals and plug the new ones, shouldn't it?
If you don't buy the direct speakers that are in the Bose system, you'll probably have to cut the wires and put them on the speaker terminals. Unfortunately aftermarket speakers don't typically come with harness plugs for a direct oem plug and play
Had exactly a same thought. Emailed Bose and they said they do not provide aftermarket accessaries. Contacted infiniti dealer and they suggested I should just trade in my car and upgrade to another one with bose systems, as it is really hard to install a set of Bose Speakers to the car. I even contacted the factory as it is in the same city with me, but they said they cannot do upgrade jobs for individuals. Sad and gave up. Live with it for the moment.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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