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Real World MPG

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1.5 DCT over 3013 miles an average of 52.22 tankful 56.56, worst 49.59

The actual figures are about 3mpg lower than than the trip computer claims.

What are other owners getting?

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We have a thread about real world economy, though it could use a refresh post. Fuel Economy Numbers

49.59 is not that bad and the worst we've seen around here is 48 mpg.
Fuelly is a good source to post about this stuff too since there are probably other owners no on this forum that are also on Fuelly.
A collective real world MPG range of number will be great.
There's not much on fuelly either, two people averaged around 27 mph while another got 23.4 mpg. I don't know why they're so low...
Perhaps they mixed up gallon and liter? Or they all just have lead feet when driving.
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