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Q30 reviews - specifications & dimensions

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Reviews including some specifications& dimensions now available on 2 motoring web sites viz:-

PARKERS - Infiniti Q30 Hatchback (15) Review | Parkers

2016 Infiniti Q30 (Premium, Sport) |

Well guys & dolls, some light night-time reading for you all. :D

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How can styling be a pro and con?
Because it's like 'MARMITE'. "You either love it or you hate it" :eek:

(Marmite is a well known very strong flavoured food spread in the UK which has spawned the above quote when ever people express different opinions about any subject so perhaps the Q30 reviewer did not like a particular feature.)

Personally I love Marmite but not as much as the Q30. :laugh:
Never had Marmite but it's a good comparison.
Decided to google map infiniti dealerships close to me and the closest one has some poor reviews...If I need anything I'm going to have to drive a bit to the next one.
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You might have better luck in finding specific people at dealers that you should deal with, that can go a long way.
Smart marketing. Wonder if the potato quality pictures was from someone they hired.
More uk reviews


WHAT CAR - popular monthly motoring magazine:

2015 Infiniti Q30 1.5d review

CAR BUYER - popular website:

Infiniti Q30 hatchback review | Carbuyer

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Q30 - more reviews

Reviews appearing thick & fast:

AUTO EXPRESS - Popular UK weekly motoring magazine:

New Infiniti Q30 2015 review | Auto Express

CAR - Popular UK monthly motoring magazine:

Infiniti Q30 2.2d Premium (2016) review by CAR Magazine

Watch this space for more.
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Read 2 reviews that pointed out the noise transfer into the cabin. More than what you would have expected from a premium car and the active noise cancellation option is only available in the 2.2 diesel model.
Q30 - 2 more reviews

Review by:

Motoring Research..... a multimedia publisher based in the UK with more than half a century’s experience of motoring journalism…

TOPGEAR... BBC TV motoring program & publication...

First drive: the Infiniti Q30, Japan?s answer to the BMW 1-Series | Top Gear

Terrible review IMO.. back to 'MARMITE' I think!

HOWEVER I love the Q30' styling & comfort and have never bought a car for it's 'performance'. Until I test drive it myself later this month, my production-line-slot deposit of £1,000 for the 1.6T manual petrol SE in Magnetic Red stays with Infiniti and I may even upgrade to the second level 'PREMIUM' model for another £1,050 "gulp". Recent birthday cash presents and forthcoming cash Christmas presents should cover some of the extra £s's hoping!
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Q30 last review!

I think this will be my final review report, AUTOCAR'S link being the last of the major UK motoring publications.

2016 Infiniti Q30 2.2d Premium Tech AWD DCT review | Autocar

However as all the road tests have been carried out in Portugal. Any subsequent reviews on driving on UK roads will appear on magazines websites in due course so keep clicking the 'links' for more info.
Thanks for compiling everything into one thread for us!
From what I gather in the comment section on AUTOCAR, people aren't too excited about the Q30 in the UK. Infiniti may need to turn their sights to the U.S. for their primary market. I read a french review and the subsequent comments and it wasn't pretty either.
Diesels not so good!!!!, wonder what the 1.6T petrol, manual SE is like?. Having provisionally ordered one, I well be test-driving it later this month.

Watch this space!
Just one more 4 stars from 5

Q30 review from my daily newspaper's weekend motoring news....

2016 Infiniti Q30 first drive | Cars

4 out of 5 stars this time. ;)
Must see video review & test drive

Hour long walk around review and road test in Portugal.

Nearly all your questions answered in this YOUTUBE VIDEO:

Body roll was one of my concerns but from what it seems from his review... it's not an issue. Might be a good excuse for me to put some stiffer lowering springs on it :D
The rear roof inclines a bit for head space. This is new info for me.
The GPS looks odd and I'll most likely get lost with the dual screen display. Old school google maps it is.
The rear roof inclines a bit for head space. This is new info for me.
The GPS looks odd and I'll most likely get lost with the dual screen display. Old school google maps it is.
Chances are there's going to be a learning curve you have to get over to become familiar with the dual screen system. But that first impression of yours might go to prove that they could have simplified it.
I understand that most modern models aren't minimalistic in design so a the initial confusion is fine. More of a preference thing with the GPS.
At least the Q30 handles well in tight corners with thanks to the shorter wheel base.
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