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Q30 Bonnet Open Warning

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Anyone experienced their Bonnet Open warning when it is actually closed?
Tried open and closing a few times but the warning still sounds.
Suspect it could be the sensor.
Any other thoughts or experiences?
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Not had this one myself. Have you had a look at the bonnet catch as I guess theres a switch there to tell the car it is closed, if you did - spot anything obvious? Does the car flag an OBD code? Could be something as simple as water in the switch and/or wiring.
I’m going to check the codes when I get chance at the weekend.. I don’t know whether it’s to do with the Active Bonnet system.
I’ll check to see if there’s anything untoward and if any codes show up that can be reset, then go from there.
I’ll report back if I manage to solve it..
I found this regarding Mercedes which could be similar..
Yes - we have a similar system but be warned it is by a set of pyro charges and it's a one time only charge. I think they have to be replaced after they have been fired. Found this, our Nissan system.

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Looking at the above, I don’t think it’s that then as the bonnet hasn’t raised up off the hinges.
I’ll check the codes.
I wondered if it could be a faulty catch/latch sensor?
Yes hopefully just a dodgy contact on the bonnet release. Worth a can of electrical contact cleaner then spray grease after 🖐🤞UK weather an all doesn't help 😕
Taken a look today. Read the codes, but no errors showing. Gave it a squirt or two with ECC and WD40 but the warning is still there..
Got the part number for the bonnet (which is Merc), then searched online for that. Found loads of info on Merc sites. Looks like it’s the micro switch inside the lock mechanism which I’ll investigate next when i get chance... hopefully tomorrow.
Problem solved!
Looks like it was the micro switch in the lock mechanism.
Unplugged the connector, Removed the cover, gave more squirts of ECC and WD40, put all back together. No more warning alarm! :D
This is the part in question..
Great news and thankyou for posting the fix as anyone else with this issue can now try what you have done.🖐
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