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Anyone took the plunge on a remap on our Mercedes powertrains? 1.6t or 2.0t?
I've done my research, M270 / M274 comes factory spec at 225 370nm in the mercedes C series. Stage one gets 250-260 and 400 to 420Nm. Airbox is plenty big enough and breathable for stage 1.
I've done a few diesels and had good gains. Increased MPG by 10% on average and better smoother manners as they dont run so lean.
Tuned a petrol motorcycle and again got good gains and more MPG, alot smoother again as they run so lean. Forgot to say both go alot better 😆

I see quantum and Celtek do dyno researched maps. Both OBD port loads so not expensive. Celtek are real close to me so I am tempted as I'd get my Q30S on the rolling road with printout.

Any thought from anyone?
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