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Discussion Starter · #1 · I'm not a car guy but my wife took her Infiniti Q30 sport for an oil change at the infiniti dealer....when she went to pick up her car there was oil leaking out from under the vehicle. They immediately took it back in and said it was a known issue (which I can't find anywhere) with the oil pan and leaking. It took a week for the repair (they did give her a loaner car).

I was out of town for work but shortly after I got back we went to get groceries, we opened up the the trunk and there was what appeared to be some kind of skid plate (part # A246 520 1523) which when I googled it said it was a skid plate engine protector.

Why would this have been removed? Any advice on a next step we should take? I'm not feeling confident at all in returning to that place for install/repair.
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