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Hi all
Well after a lot of looking I've finally done it, I have bought (subject to seeing it) a Q30 premium intouch 1.6 petrol, in ink blue. Did it on line but its from a Nissan main dealer with 12m warranty so should be OK. It took some finding as petrol ones are rare. The car has satin silver mirrors and alcantara upholstery so I'm fairly sure it's a City Black, and only 12.5k with 25000 miles can't wait to be driving a car this exclusive
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Hi Martin.
Congrats on finding your new Q30.馃檪
I think you will be very impressed with the 1.6 turbo engine model. Being a turbo it has lots of diesel like torque and plenty of zippy PS/HP too.
It's the same engine that is in the mercedes A class so is a quality item.
You have a nice quality interior too. I was suprised how quiet the cabin is whilst driving, then did some research and it has special sound deadening installed.
Really impressed with the all the Q30 models, it's a cracking vehicle.

Post up some pictures if you have the time or a web link to dealer maybe? 馃枑
All the best. Cornish 馃対
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Ink blue, 1.6 turbo city black, Cant wait to get it tomorrow, from what I can find out there are only 29 petrol city black's registered and only one in blue (unless you all know different :) ) how about that for exclusivity
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Very nice, you have the mudguard / mudflaps too. They are an optional extra 馃憤, I have a front set and they save your car from stone chips and mud splashes, I wouldn't be without them.
Handsome car and as you correctly said, they are very rare and unique = exclusive.
Good luck tomorrow 馃槑
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