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New Member from Melbourne Australia - 2019 Q30S FWD

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Hi, I have the 2019 Q30S bought brand new from a local Infiniti dealer in Melbourne Australia. I bought the last batch of Q30S that has been sitting at the docks waiting to be sold.

Infiniti Australia has closed shop in Australia on 31 Dec 2020 and Infiniti is officially out of Australia.

Anyway the discount on the Q30S is good enough for me to take the plunge. So far very happy with the purchase after 500km (almost one month) of ownership.

I have researched all the maintenance needed on this Mercedes-Benz 2.0T (M270)/7spd DCT (724.0) platform car and is confident that I can take care of it for the next 100,000km.

This platform seems pretty reliable with the large numbers of Mercedes-Benz sharing this platform.
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Welcome to the club matey 馃枑 and I totally agree. These cars are a real bargain, the tech is tried and tested so should be reliable. I always buy the last of the production line builds as they have ironed out all the issues. I bought my Q30S too as it's a proper drivers type of car. Classy, comfy and quick enough.
Just slowly tweaking it to my specification. 馃檪
Welcome to the club matey 馃枑 and I totally agree.
Thanks mate. Look forward to sharing information on the Q30/S. I'm waiting for my car to hit 7000km for the first oil change.
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