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Malbec Black

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I know the colour choice is very personal and quite emotive, does anyone have a good photo example of Malbec Black ? I know it may be a love it or hate it choice. Just curious if anyone on here has one with "real life" photos.

It was the only colour choice left on a very good lease deal that was going, so it was either this or nothing for me. The Solid Black was briefly available but I missed out on that.

I think it will be like a lot of dark metallic colours, when clean and on a Sunny day will look nice, but it is keeping it clean that will be a pain. Will give me a chance to try the Gtechniq car cleaning and maintenance solutions on it :)
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Always loved the Malbec Black. You really have to see it in person to really appreciate it. It's gorgeous
Majority of people are definitely not willing to put in the work, and because they see the car everyday, they often don't see the damages that get incurred slowly over the years until they see a brand new one.
Well good on them for trying to get this fixed. Will they be throwing some free-services at you as well for the disappointment and inconvenience?
Sounds good! Be sure to keep us updated on what they can get done for you or what you can get out of them haha :)
I don't care how good the product is, I don't put up with BS from dealers at all. We're paying quite the amount of money to them to buy their product, and proper service is the least to expect out of the ownership process. There's no reason anyone should have to deal with stupid behavior
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