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Jeremy Clarkson Reviews The Q30

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Yes, a few reviews have already been posted and the vehicle itself are not in the hands of buyers who can test drive it themselves but I'm a fan of Top Gear so I thought it's be interesting to see what Clarkson thinks of the Infiniti Q30.

An interesting read if you have the time and even though he does point out a few negatives, overall Clarkson thinks the Q30 is going to be a "quiet success".

The Clarkson Review: 2016 Infiniti Q30
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He doesn't seem to be a fan of the Q30's power or noise insulation but even Clarkson can't deny that the Q30's interior is very well made and the exterior design makes it stand out from the masses of crossovers out there.
i think just about anyone who has been keeping an eye on what's happening in the automotive industry will see the Q30 as the perfect vehicle. It could very well pass the Q50 in sales volume. I don't think the Q50 has been doing well since launch, especially when compared to rivals.
Jeremy Clarkson as per usual is doing his show with the help of a bucketful of clichés.

To describe the car as having a clattery French heart is misleading; Renault has a very modest part in the Q30 picture. The engine in question is the K9K which was co-developed by both Nissan and Renault; it’s been around since 2001 and has powered a number of Nissan, Renault, Dacia and more recently Mercedes cars. The engine used for the Q30 is the K9K in its most powerful version and it’s been extensively prepared by Mercedes, only the bare engine block is Japanese-French (again to be precise, designed by both and manufactured by Renault). I’ve had several cars (Nissan, Renault and Dacia) powered by different versions of the K9K and I can say that it’s a very good engine no more clattery and possibly less than other diesel engines, I don’t think the Mercedes engineers would have approved it if it had been only so-so.

Furthermore, this Japanese-French-German K9K plays a small part in the Q30 range; it’s merely the cheap power plant used as bait to attract the punters.

Another misleading affirmation, that Clarkson unfortunately shares with the majority of the columnists, is to state that the Q30 is built on the A class chassis, as a matter of fact it is not, it is based on the GLA chassis which is itself an improvement of the A Class chassis correcting a number of the latter’s weaknesses.

It is interesting to note though that, despite its mostly unfounded criticisms delivered in its usual bullying way, in the end Clarkson is nevertheless compelled to praise the car and this is no small feat for Infiniti.
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Many a car models have been at the end of his sharp tongue when it comes to reviews and even though he has pointed out what he thinks are the Q30's flaws, even Clarkson had to admit that it's a segment leader and in no way bland.

He may have mistake the GLA for the A class since it is based off of the A class. The chassis was designed to closely mimic that of the CLA with light and precise handling. In the end, sales do not lie and the Q30 seems to be selling very well.
The K9K is a great engine and I think clarkson was generalizing it as a Renault engine because they first developed and produced the K-type family in the mid 1990s. The one in the Q30 is the K9K dCi and that was developed in a Nissan and Renault partnership.
One thing he did do right in his review is entertain the readers, that's his strong point even if some of his facts are not correct. It's why Top Gear was still a great show to watch even though it has been going on for such a long time and the content was getting a bit stale sometimes.
I'd like to see them review the infiniti q30 on their new show, The grand Tour. The things they would put it through would be beyond the scope of what an average driver would do.
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