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Many thought that the Infiniti Q30 production version could debut at the Geneva Motor Show alongside the QX30 concept. That didn't happen though. With production set to commence for Europe in the 3rd quarter of 2015 at the Sunderland plant in Great Britain a reveal must be coming soon.

The next major auto show is in New York next month, but it is more likely that Infiniti will debut the Q30 production model at a European auto show since the car will go on sale there first. That points towards the Frankfurt international Motor Show as the most likely debut location. That auto show will take place in mid-September.

While the concept and some spy shots have given us a pretty good idea of what the Infiniti Q30 will look like in the end, there are still a few things that are yet unknown about the Infiniti compact sedan. Engines are yet unknown but it could be getting a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine that can also be found in the Mercedes-Benz A250 and A45 AMG with 155kW/350Nm and 265kW/450Nm respectively in both gas and diesel versions.

We can also expect a relatively affordable price that will attract younger buyers. Think lower than an A-Class' MSRP. The Q30 should go on sale in Europe in late 2015, and the US in early 2016.
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