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Initially, Jimi Beckwith from AutoCar wasn’t a fan of the Infiniti Q30 and he found it unrefined for what should be an Audi A3 rival. But after giving it a chance for two weeks, his view changed for the better after going through various stages of being “underwhelmed, downright baffled and occasionally quite impressed.”

A few misgivings like the car’s unyielding ride, engine sound and lack of interior individuality ebbed away after a while. He found the cabin to resemble the Mercedes-Benz A-Class a bit too much, which is fine as it also comes with that German quality, and it didn’t flow too well with the Q30’s exterior design. But that all melted away when on a whim, he decided to forgo the dull M3 motorway commute home and instead chose to take the more enjoyable route through some country roads.

Not only did its keen- handling chassis make the ride more enjoyable, it was also one of relaxation. At speed, the Q30 was calm and the cabin was quiet. Combined with enough power to easily overtake other vehicles and you have “one of the most relaxing automotive spaces” around.

Of course no test is complete without hauling some cargo, in this case it was five dining chairs and the extension leaf for an oak table. All of which were comfortably loaded into the boot space with both rear passenger seats folded down. Some of the bulkier bits of the table had to go in a van, but what’s loaded is still impressive.

Jimi was a skeptic, but he found the Infiniti Q30 to be “fit for purpose in the purest sense of the phrase.” His suggestion for those on the fence; try to test the car for a few days if possible.
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