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Infiniti Q30 @ Canadian Auto Show?

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Going to be in Toronto the week of the auto show, does anyone know if the Q30 will be their?
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awesome thanks
looking forward to seeing it as i missed my chance at detroit
Cool that you guys will be able to see the Q30 in person. I hope you'll be kind enough to post some pictures up for us and give your two cents. I wonder what that weird pink/gold color looks like in person.
In person it's color should look amazing with the amount of lights they have at shows that hit it at different angles.
I really want to see those curves in person. I'm also curious as to how big it is. In pictures it looks tall like a CUV, but i have a feeling thats deceiving and its more like a small hatch...
seen it in person and I agree, it looks far better in person. Some picture i've seen online on it do it justice, many don't.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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