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I found this Infiniti Q30 on their twitter account and there seems to be additional carbon fiber side mirror covers and a red front spoiler on the car. Is this a trim package you can get?

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Just because of the red front spoiler, I would say this is a trim package indeed
Correct, Exterior Design Pack, carbon look though, not real carbon. Why a red trim I wonder, not much in keeping with such a tasteful ride.
There are other colours such as purple. You can get those separately. However they are not cheap...
I don't see these options on the UK configuration page. Where is this trim package?
Red is usually the go-to colour for a more "performance" inspired feel, but it's nice that they have other colour options
I don't see these options on the UK configuration page. Where is this trim package?
You can find these parts on brochure.
I need to complain the Infiniti marketing team... They are not good at all and always done something wrong. For example, they say you can get power front seats on Sport trim but actually not... You might still find it on the configuration page...
That's pretty nonsense... they shouldn't be making amateur mistakes like that
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Thank you for sharing this information. I really find on the Internet a lot of cool accessories for different cars that can change the body of a car. Besides the infiniti q30, I also have a Toyota Tacoma in the garage. I really love this car, I love pickups and I think that they should look very cool, brutal, aggressive, massive, so I chose the largest wheels and the most aggressive wheels, also on this portal I found an article about tonneau cover. It seems to me that this should also greatly change the way my car looks from behind.
Hi, fitted my front mudflaps...
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