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Infiniti profits seems to be on a roll this year and they’re giving back to the community by donating more than $1 Million to various charities.

The manufacturer has seen a July sales growth of 9% in the Unites States and ended the month with sales of 10,840 vehicles. So far, that’s a 20% increase for the first quarter of this year, moving 89,983 vehicles off dealership lots. Exact profits in terms of dollars has not been released, but some of their profit has gone towards charity.

In partnership with the NCAA and the National Association of Basketball Coaches, Infiniti donated $724,785 to Coaches vs. Cancer.

The automaker has also donated another $349,000 to philanthropic organizations selected by NCAA Division I basketball coaches, but the distribution was based on Infiniti’s seventh annual Coaches' Charity Challenge.

This year 48 of the top men’s college basketball coaches in the country will be voted on by fans, supporters and alumni with the winner receiving a $100,000 check for his charity of choice. Those who participated will still earn $1,000 each.

Head Coach John Beilein and the University of Michigan Wolverines fans won for the second year in a row and donated his prize to The Chad Tough Foundation.

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Glad to know that you have donated to the charity. Donating a charity is beneficial for both, donation also helps to reduce the tax paying. My uncle is also a businessman, they also believe in charity donation and helping the needy ones, thus he is also planning to go on a mission humanitaire to spend their time as a volunteering, as money is not only the thing charities need. They also need your time and skills, then even if you don't have money, then also you can make a difference by volunteering.
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