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Hello people

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Hi there!

That's bizarre, but somehow I passed by this master piece, even though I always pay attention to a car news. I've read Wikipedia article about Q30 and was really surprised about that Mercedes-Infiniti collaboration. After a few video reviews of Q30 on YouTube, I immediately booked an appointment for a test drive in a local dealership>:D Looking forward to have a good time with this baby!
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This community will make wiki look like a joke because with all the owners here and the feedback they have left it doesn't get any better than this. I always try to find owner feedback before buying, hence why i'm still on the fence right now.

what do you like about the Q30 so far?
Well, first of all, the design of course! Then, I watched a few videos with test drives and was impressed about Q30 performances too. And of course, that collaboration of Infiniti and Mercedes, wanna see what they came up with.
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