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Headlight problem/adaptive headlight system and more

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Hello guys,

I have recently been posting in another thread regarding adaptive headlight inoperative fault to which no one seems to know the solution yet apart from going through the authorised service which out of warranty will be a costly repair as they do apparently require you to replace the whole headlight assembly.

Since i refuse to pay the authorised service a large sum out of my wallet and prefer to tackle the problem myself first if I can i have decided to take the front end apart.

First of all its easy as 123 for anyone with a little bit of DIY knowledge. Then comes the headlight. Again 3 bolts and it's off once you have the bumper taken care of.

Problem number one I've noticed is the service hole in the black plastic under the wheel arch. There's one on either side and quite frankly a cover that's supposed to be in place is missing in mine at passenger side (rhd UK car) that's the side with problematic headlight as I now not only have issues with adaptive headlight system but also no main beam, no high beam, no indicator or drl. In emergency kind of mode that comes right away headlight will have dipped beam on but nothing can be done about it.

Now the important part. Each headlight has 3 control modules or ballasts however you want to call it for led. As I found out the main one that controls LED headlight had corroded and oxidised. Because of the missing cover and over the past few winters while car had been used salt from the road had done its job quite badly. Don't take notice however of the top module as this is one i have aqquired with ebay used headlight that had been exposed to moisture for quite some time and is unusable.
My control module is however the bottom one which after cleaning doesn't look bad however its casing is very damaged and even inside there was oxidisation and water damage. This had caused something inside to burn out since a distinctive burned electrical smell can be noticed as well as upon closer inspection a couple of small chips of some sort being missing and having little burn marks around them.

This control module is made by mercedes and used in w212 and c207 models that is E-Class and E-Class coupe face-lift models made between 2013-2017.

These modules can be purchased direct from Mercedes service department for around £160 and non genuine ones from ebay at roughly £80.

Now i don't yet have the module although I am awaiting delivery and will keep you guys that have the same problem updated with the progress of finding inexpensive solution to get your light to work as they should.
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Has anyone got the Mercedes benz part number for the control module please
Hi citizen thanks for this, so if I order this from Mercedes benz it should fix the headlight problem?
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