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Hello, I thought I would investigate an engine bay undertray upgrade as with the inclement weather we have in blighty and the cost of a new gearbox as the current cover does not protect the box.

The current standard undertray covers the engine sump but not the exhaust or gearbox. I am unsure why not as it's always been covered on all of my extended families vehicles made post 2000.

Anyway, I ordered a copy of the A Class undertray - part number is A2465200123. The genuine infiniti one is just the same I believe.

Example - google - MERCEDES-BENZ A-CLASS W176 Engine Undertray Cover A2465200123

The one I ordered is made from HDPE which is more heat resilient and not prone to cracking. I needed 4x MB undertray frame clips and five extra screws along with two cable ties. I also fitted Aluminium exhaust heat tape to below the exhaust and fitted rubber door seal to the outer edges of the tray for better weather protection. My choice of cover is a moulded copy of the Mercedes tray, it is not as precise the hard plastic one and needed a small amount of fettling to get it to fit perfectly.

My tray is secured by three front clips, three mid clips, two rear clips and two cable ties from the tray to the fixings near the suspension lower arms.

Total cost around £65.

Very pleased and highly recommended 🖐
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