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Premium car brand Infiniti (the luxury vehicle division of Nissan) and lessor LeasePlan have revealed a one-year partnership to mark the European introduction of Infiniti’s new Q30 Premium Active Compact and LeasePlan’s new car sharing service: SwopCar.

Several preselected companies within nine European countries can experience this Q30 SwopCar service for free. Their employees will have the opportunity to book the all-new Q30 whenever needed.

With this partnership, LeasePlan and Infiniti will provide an innovative and easy-to-manage booking and driving experience for its customers. The joint service will start in April and will be available to clients in nine countries, starting with the UK, Netherlands, France and Switzerland.

Find out more about how the SwopCar works --> LeasePlan?s SwopCar ties up with Infiniti for new Q30 compact promotion
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