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I asked a quote for a Q30 Premium 1.5 to the Rome Dealer, starting price €32400, final price is €30500; not a good discount... The Dealer told me that actual Price List will change next January, but I'm not sure of this...
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Welcome to the forum steccio.

Your discount offer of 1,900 Euro (5.85%) appears to be quite good for a brand new model whereas 10% to 13% is typical for the equivalent Mercedes A Class & Audi A3 Sportsback.

I'm the only regular active UK member of the forum and I have provisionally ordered a 1.6t Petrol Manual 6FWD SE when one car was available to view during the introduction to the local showroom sales & service team at the end of September. I placed the order early so as to register a priority 'production line slot' prior to the publication and prices of the full range of specifications which eventually appeared on14th November 2015. I therefore do not think a January price increase is likely since the stock of Q30s is not even in UK showrooms yet and official Television, magazine & newspaper advertising as yet to start.

However pre-production models have done a UK tour of shopping centres during the last 3 months to wet the public's appetite :D
Due to a shortage of demonstrator cars, I am still waiting to test-drive a 'petrol' model but in the meantime I am thinking of upgrading from SE to PREMIUM if I can negotiate a good discount!.

I hope you enjoy this forum so please keep us up to date on your purchase plans and the best price negotiated.
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Hi John

Many thanks for your reply; the Dealer had only a Q30 Premium Tech 2.2d to test, and only for few days, anyway I was really impressed by the design, comfort and beauty of the interiors.

I've also contacted Infiniti Europe Centre in UK, they assured me no increase will be made in the next future!


I think the price should be fixed, and it will not be changed later in Jan.
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