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Europcar Adds Infiniti Q30 To Fleet

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If you're in France, Germany, the UK and Italy and you want to test drive the Q30 for a few days before making the final decision, you could try renting one form Europcar. They plan to add the Infiniti Q30 to their fleet. Maybe if the reception towards the model is positive, Europcar will expand the model's availability outside of the listed four countries.
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Seems like the Q30 is exclusively sold as fleet cars only to Europcar. Good for Infiniti since they're selling a lot of units to them. France (255 cars), Germany (345 cars), UK (500 cars) and Italy (100 cars).
Fleet is a key thing. Great way to put out your product in big numbers, get a lot more feedback. Get the product out there for everyone to see. Perfect
Wait, doesn't fleet sales reduce the resale values of your cars?
I'm not entirely sure.. why do you think they would reduce the resale value of our cars ?
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