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There have been reports that Infiniti wants to develop its own performance lineup to rival other companies, like BMW's M division. Surprisingly, and somewhat confusingly, Infiniti has chosen to use the Red Bull Racing name instead of the IPL badge (Infiniti Performance Line) or the Eau Rouge badge, which you can see on the Q50 sedan right now.

Andreas Sigl, the man behind Infiniti's partnership with Red Bull Racing's F1 team, said "If you ask me, every Infiniti should have an element of performance in it. It should be throughout the range, and the Eau Rouge Q50 we are developing is an important step towards that."

Sigl went on to hint that there may be a chance at a high-performance Q30 model. The Q30 isn't going to be produced until 2016, and then a performance model would be built sometime after that, so there is still quite a wait to see if this model were to eventually come to light.

Do you think that Infiniti can compete with the big boys of BMW and Mercedes-Benz? Do you think that the Q30 would be a good vehicle to take on this new Red Bull Racing badge? Would you think about buying a Q30 performance model?
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