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Concerned about the DCT and reliability.

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Hello there,

I'm actually considering buying a Q30 with the 2.0l engine and 7speed dct, this is a new car and its probably too early to judge its reliability.
However, gearbox (and engine) as it seems is Mercedes 7g-dct, with a lot of bad experiences on CLA and GLA forums I may eventually stay away. Can anyone share their experience or any source on this car particular engine/gearbox?
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To help you out I have the same model powertrain.🖐
Gearbox has Nissan Infiniti software in it so drives better than the Merc equivalent as it's in a lightweight car not a massive SUV. Great gearbox, it's designed for 450Nm, a quality engine remap gets you up to 400Nm so still 12% safety factor. Get it (gearbox) serviced by an independent merc garage every 40k miles for £400. This is proper service where they plug in and cycle the valves to get the old oil out etc and change the filters (x2) and change 6ltr of oil. Software cycles the valves and tells them the gearbox oil level as well as dipstick service tool.
Engine, it's the M270 / M274 MB with all the fixes throughout its build service life, we have the last of them. Great engine, variable valve timing inlet and exhaust and shift cam tech (eco and sport, it's like two engines in one), 300 plus Nm at 1000 rpm... does nearly 40mpg in driving miss daisy mode, does nearly 30mpg in scalded cat mode. One of the best engines made IMHO.
Like most things servicing is key. Oil service half way through the recommended interval (14.5k or one year std services) with MB229.5 minimum = 0w-30 to 5w-40 FS like mobil 1 or shell helix ultra will keep the engine sweet depending on your preference.
KEY POINT - It has a GDI injection engine. Remember to drive it hard in the rain every six months as this helps to clean the intake valves. I would recommend an intake cleaning spray used the day before its serviced as it is similar valve tech to a diesel - as in no fuel to clean the inlet valves. Diesels run for years... so do the M270s when looked after... Hope this helps, I love mine (y)
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