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Hi all,
If this has been covered previously, my apologies! I have a minor issue with the Q30. I noticed today after driving down the A1 for about 2 miles that my indicator was still flashing, I did not realise as there is now no audible warning, just a dash light ( I know I should of seen it sooner lol) so when I got home I checked and there does not seem to be any audible warnings for.... seatbelt, hand brake or door open. The parking sensors also reset volume to mid level at every start so are fairly quiet.

I have searched the owners manual and can't see anything mentioned, I know that the auxiliary battery can sometimes cause problems but stop start etc seems to work reasonably OK (except when the a/c is on) and there are no battery warning messages.

Anyone come across this? Am I missing something obvious or could my aux battery be the issue, the car car is 4 years old with 30k and to my knowledge its the original battery. I want to try and fettle it myself as the nearest Infinity dealer is over 30 miles away

Thanks peeps
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