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Car lagging after tyres changed

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I recently changed all 4 of my tyres from run flats to standards; and also had an alignment done, on my 2.2D auto…..

Not sure if linked or purely a coincidence, but since then the car doesn’t seem as good of a drive as it was previously, now seems a bit sluggish, gear changes are lagging a bit but were pretty smooth before; and I’m fairly sure my fuel consumption has reduced.

I’m being advised to reset the auto gearbox so it learns new driving styles, but I’m worried this may make matters worse.

Anyone had similar experiences?

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Glad to know your on top of the batteries, it's a lot less painful than a dealer battery swap 🤣

Re Tyres...
IMHO 🤔 total BS from black circles😖. With respect to the load index, you cannot put less than what is specified so in our case 95 load index. No issues about running 99 load index, most fleet companies that have fully loaded vehicles will put the XL extra load tyres on as you have done. Only difference is stiffer side walls / so they are slightly thicker. Now think of RFT. Very thick and stiff side wall, so stiff you can run without any air at all, hence the Run on FlaT RFT tag... I would not be suprised if RFT being so stiff have less contact patch on the road, hence less rolling resistance, hence more MPG?
Speed ratings, V are 149mph and H 130mph.. again what's their point? I doubt if any of us here drive faster than legal limit plus 10 internationally ☺.

All the best 👋 Cornish Blue..
Thanks for the advice, always appreciated.

I thought as much re their utter nonsense! They’re currently asking me to get an alignment done on the vehicle at their cost and then they may even consider replacing the tyres, so I’ll let them carry on for now.

you may have a point re the rolling resistance it’s also been mentioned in comments previously by my mechanic, that may just be the cause.

I still haven’t reset the gears either yet as I was worried it may make the miles even worse but I guess I can give that a go too.

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