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Can’t open fuel filler flap!

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Hi Guys, Ive got a problem ( common one it seems) The fuel filler flap on our 2016 Q30 2.2 Diesel won’t open! Apparently it’s a common fault on Mercedes, it’s probably the Solenoid Actuator? Given the fact that loads of Infiniti Dealerships have closed down due to the brand withdrawing from Western Europe where can I get this part? It looks like a big job to “ dig in’ and remove the broken part anyway but needs must, Thanks for listening! Cheers, Ged 😬
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common problem actuator located behind fuel intake access inside boot removing left hand interior cover requires replacement cost
£60.00 cost when done by garage £300.00
I had this exact problem a few months ago, AA man turned up, prised the back top corner of the flap open very gently then used a piece of metal bent wire to open the flap. Didn't damage the flap at all miraculously. This allowed me to fill with fuel (because of course I only discovered it when I needed to fill up). I then closed it again by accident, but it has worked perfectly since ! This car has gone back to the lease company now and I have a newer one.
Already covered in a previous posting see here

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