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Hi everyone!
About a week ago, I was trying to pass another car so I kicked down the gas pedal. The check engine light came up on the instrument cluster and the car immediately went into limp mode. I used my Bluetooth obd scanner, Autel Ap200, and the P0101 error was present. It didn't disappear when I tried to delete it. So I closed the car, waited about 5 minutes, and then it was successfully removed. But the gearbox was still in limp mode, it only changed gears at 2200rpm or higher. So I shut the engine off and restarted. Everything was ok, the car ran ok, except for the kick-down, the same error appeared.
P0101 is related to the MAF sensor, located immediately after the air filter housing. It means that the sensor doesn't measure the correct amount of air going into the engine.
I removed the sensor and cleaned it with a special spray for this type of sensor, I chose one from Liqui Molly. Be very careful not to touch the hot wire and the sensor itself. Mine was dusty, so I sprayed lots of cleaner, until it was OK. It's important to let it dry, or blow air into it to make sure the cleaner evaporates. After it was mounted I went on a test drive and surprisingly, when I floored it the error appeared again. I remembered that some parts and sensors must be adapted, and the procedure is very simple: you drive the car until the engine reaches optimal running temperature, shut it off, remove the wire harness from the sensor, start the car, let it run for at least 10 seconds and shut off the engine. Plug in the wire harness back in the sensor, scan the engine unit and remove the P0103 error that appears. After this everything was OK, the error did not appear, no matter how hard I pressed the gas pedal.
This operation, the MAF sensor cleaning, is recommended at every air filter change. When I dismantled the air filter to reach the sensor, I cleaned very carefully the air filter housing, it had some dust and dead insects.
Hope this will help.
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