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  1. UK - Airbag Recall

    Infiniti Q30 Recalls
    Thought Infiniti was doing well in the UK, but that doesn't seem to be the case if two of your local dealerships closed down. Hope your recall goes smoothly and you won't have a recurring problem like vernonhead. @vernonhead maybe there's some law where they have to take the car back if they...
  2. Paint Issues

    Infiniti Q30 Issues And Problems
    Looks to me like the paint may be peeling or aging prematurely and it doesn't seem all that uncommon with Infiniti cars. You'd think they would try harder to bring in new customers. @gazzaputt what did your dealership say?
  3. Infiniti Wins 2018 Customer Service Index Award

    2016+ Q30 News
    Always assumed Lexus would be the top of that list because they're known for their exceptional customer service, but I guess they're getting dethroned by other brands. Guess the real test would be when we need some work done under warranty and if the dealership is willing to do their best to...
  4. New Trim Levels for Q30 hatch and crossover

    Infiniti Q30 General Discussion
    I think everything you've listed is new to the entry-level trim aside from automatic headlamps, that was always a standard feature in the SE trim. Wish they added dual-zone climate control to the list as well, though we can't have our cake and eat it too.
  5. Squeaking front doors rubber seals

    Infiniti Q30 Issues And Problems
    @gazzaputt did they ever get back to you about the squeak? Since changing the seals didn't work, I assume Infiniti will need better lubricant or seals. Maybe even change out the seal adhesive they use if it losens over time and squeaks again.
  6. New Trim Levels for Q30 hatch and crossover

    Infiniti Q30 General Discussion
    Maybe Q30 sales weren't doing so well and they're now trying to appeal to more budget conscientious buyers. But what's the difference between the Pure trim and SE that it replaces? Did Infiniti strip it of features or added more in?
  7. Paint Issues

    Infiniti Q30 Issues And Problems
    First time I'm seeing something like this. Is it all over your car or at specific spots?
  8. Hello Everyone

    New Member Introduction
    Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new Q30S! Any plans for it or will you just leave the car as stock?
  9. Painted Wheels

    Infiniti Q30 General Discussion
    Oh those are nice and they definitely match your Q30's own body paint. Was it a diy project or did you go with a painter?
  10. Drink Driving...

    The Car Lounge
    Not the worst, but certainly one of the most interesting crashes I've ever seen. From what the comments are saying, she was drinking vodka at the wheel while her son was strapped in the back. This should definitely be a wake up call for her.
  11. Office chair Infiniti

    Off Topic Discussion
    I just imagined you tanking out a chair from a car and saying "that'll do Infinity, that'll do." :D Great idea, but I'm used to sitting on large cushy chairs in my home office. This may be great for dealerships with a lot of glass looking into offices.
  12. Windscreen washers

    Infiniti Q30 Issues And Problems
    That seems odd and I've never experienced that before. Maybe the fluid hose is clogged with something or the filter needs to be cleaned. Don't think it's a matter of what washer fluid you're using.
  13. Reverse Parking sensor Audio

    Features and Equipment
    Did they used to revert back to the default setting? All I can think of is that it used to be louder in the setting and now, for some odd reason, it keeps reverting every time you turn on the car.
  14. Google sent to car

    Infiniti Q30 General Discussion
    Are you asking if you can install a new app into the Q30 system and have it display on the screen as it would on your phone?
  15. Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept Signals Automaker�s Future Design Direction

    2016+ Q30 News
    Not necessarily a disgrace, but there's really nothing that screams Infinite to me because from the rear it looks like any other car. Just uniform lines and no character. I believe this could be the start of a new design language for Infiniti, so who knows what future models would look like.